Thursday, August 1, 2013

I sorta kinda met a goal...

This is how I normally operate: have extremely low expectations for myself, and then I will be a rock star no matter what I do.

This is how it plays out: the goal for the day is to keep the children alive and fed. Oh, I got a load of laundry done? Domestic Goddess. Oh, we walked to the park? Best mom ever.

See what I mean?

Obviously this blog has been working against my rock star strategy. I think at the beginning I said that I was going to make and freeze two things per week and blog about it. That hasn't exactly happened, so I have chosen to interpret that goal in a looser way. If in two and a half weeks there are twenty-six items in my freezer, I will have met the goal. It should not be surprising to me that more than 1/2 of a task would be accomplished in the final 1/10 of the time allotted (and 1/2 of that 1/10 will be spent in the Poconos where I can freeze nothing). I have never really known another way. I'm not really interested in knowing another way either.

Now that you know my goal-setting philosophy, you might be surprised to learn that I set and met a goal. Kinda. Sorta.

Last week I said I wanted to make and freeze 5 relatively healthy things that could be eaten in a pinch when I'm looking for a snack. I made granola bites, flourless peanut butter cookies, and oat bran pancakes. On Thursday and Friday of last week I made quinoa mini quiches based on this recipe from Iowa Girl Eats. I made mine without ham and threw in some shredded zucchini, green onion, and basil. They were pretty tasty. I used a regular-sized muffin pan and a whole mini-quiche still came in under 90 calories. I also made flour-less chocolate zucchini  muffins from GreenLiteBites. There was somehow not a banana to be found in this house, so I replaced the banana with 1 cup of shredded zucchini. I added sweetened shredded coconut and a little extra honey to compensate for not having the sweetness of the banana. They turned out surprisingly good. Heartier than your average muffin, and definitely not as sweet. Newsflash: I have a sweet tooth. However the above recipes have much less sugar than your average baked good. I'm trying.

There you have it, a mini freezer-goal accomplished. It is also heavily ingrained in my personality to tell you all of the ways that I didn't exactly meet this goal. I didn't actually blog about it last week. I didn't do separate posts about the muffins and quiche. I have to make more granola bites and bean cookies because we keep eating them. Pancakes aren't really a snack. Okay, so in the first paragraph where I say that I keep low expectations for myself? That's probably a bunch of BS. This is like blogging therapy. In the ten minutes I took to write this post I realized that I actually usually set impossibly high standards for myself that I can't always meet. From now on, I'm gonna be a rock star instead.

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