Tuesday, June 4, 2013

4 Pounds of Tortilla Chips

My lovely assistant, Tom, ran an errand for me today. He went to Pittsburgh's Strip District to get tomatillo salsa and some other things. He came back with this giant bag of chips. They were made fresh today AND you can freeze them. How fortuitous.


A baby in the background is a helpful size reference.

So, I guess we're going to freeze some chips. I will let you know how defrosted chips taste as soon as I find out. Perhaps a more useful tip than chip-freezing is that if you are in Pittsburgh and in need of a lot of chips for something like a party, go to Reyna's in the Strip. You can get about 4 pounds of freshly made tortilla chips for $7.50.

I have lots more coming up soon, stay tuned...

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