Monday, May 20, 2013

Summer Project

It was a cozy, December night, and Tom and I had just finished watching the movie Food, Inc. I turned to the poor guy in tears and said something like this: "I hereby decree that we shall henceforth NEVER buy meat in a regular grocery store again." He looked at me quizzically and then very calmly responded, "Well, I guess we're going to need a chest freezer."

Because I am married to a man who spends his days trying to make everyone's life better, within 72 hours we had a meat order called in to a local farm and a new, heavily discounted freezer taking up residence in the basement. So began the era of the chest freezer.

It was a good era, the chest freezer era. Many a chicken roasted. Pot-roasts galore. Experimental pre-frozen crock pot meals abounding (sorry, but blecht!). And then something happened. Well, two things...

We welcomed our third baby, and I began nursing school - within the same year.

It's been a little, uh, chaotic up in here. One day I looked in the chest freezer and discovered that it was completely empty. Ok, well, except for a bag of charcoal (there was an accidental unplugging incident once, and charcoal absorbs odors, and you can figure it out) and an ice cream attachment for our Kitchenaid mixer that has been kept nice and cold just waiting to make us some delicious ice cream. Any day now.

It's okay, little freezer, I have some good news. I have off for the whole summer. 13 weeks. 13 weeks! 

So, I started thinking - what if I made 2 things each week and stuck them in the freezer? Then I'd have an awesome stockpile of nutritious breakfast-on-the-go things and easy dinners for when the insanity school starts. And I started thinking a little bit more - what if I blogged about it too? Then I could add my freezer saga onto the growing catalogue of freezer-cooking information out there on the internets. Okay, maybe there isn't as huge a need for this type of information as I am imagining, but I think it will be fun.
So that's my story. I'm hoping to fill my empty freezer. It is one way that I am choosing to manage our household chaos. And when I'm done with this project, who knows? Maybe I'll start another blog called "Empty My Attic."

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  1. Melissa, you are going to revolutionize my cooking skills (which are currently paltry), and you just gave me a summer goal... read this blog and find some space in the freezer.